Annie Sloan Brushes


Pure Bristle Brushes

Annie Sloan’s oval Pure Bristle Brushes are perfect for painting with Chalk Paint®. These brushes have natural bristles that are fairly long and flexible with a little bounce to allow you to be expressive in your work, and are particularly good for achieving texture on the surface. They take lots of paint, and are comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

Annie Sloan’s new Pure Bristle Wax Brushes feature short, rounded, ergonomic handles to make working wax into paintwork easier than ever. They are shaped to a point so you can get wax into detailed areas and move around in tight spaces. The point is shaped into the ferrule rather than cut to make use of the natural split end of the bristle for a smoother application, resulting in these brushes being the best performing and longest lasting wax brushes on the market.

Flat Brushes 

Annie Sloan’s new Flat Brushes feature advanced synthetic fibers for the ultimate silky finish. They are designed to work specifically with Chalk Paint® to achieve a smooth, modern finish. These brushes are shaped to hold a lot of paint and allow you to apply the paint evenly, eliminating brush marks.