Dark Waxed Wood Wall

Dark Waxed Wood Wall

Annie has used this method on various walls, notably in her rustic bathroom in her house in France, where a variety of old used boards, both planed and unplaned, and even scaffolding boards have been united with the rich, textural finish of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax and Chalk Paint® in Old White.

First, Annie generously aplied Dark Wax directly onto the unpainted wood to create a deep colour. The wood may absorb a lot of the wax, so make sure the coverage is heavy so it remains wet for the next step. (If you’re working on a large piece, applying the wax in strips is important to ensure the wax is still wet whilst working on it.) Annie then used a diluted wash of Chalk Paint® in Old White over the still wet wax, brush lightly over it as to make sure it isn’t worked too hard into the wax. Once dry, she used Clear Wax over the top to protect it.

A full step by step guide to this chandelier up-cycle is in Annie Sloan’s book Annie Sloan Paints Everything.

Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books

From: https://www.anniesloan.com/inspiration

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