Sarah Briggs

There’s no excuse to not have beautiful jewelry on...

Naïve and ambitious as a sweet, 20 year old Texan could be, Sarah bought a one-way ticket to New York to make something of herself. After three small business failures & having been fired from multiple day-jobs, Sarah started crafting jewelry. One buyer took a chance and just months later she had 2000 accounts around the world from Paris to Dubai with a massive book of celebrities & magazine covers. Then she hit rock bottom.

Sarah escaped a 7-year abusive marriage. She was told she'd never make it, that her business was a joke and to get a "normal" job. Major RESET. Sarah found her voice and strength. She married the best man in existence, moved back to Texas country with chicken & bees & made some adorable children who inspire her everyday. With the support of her family, Sarah started designing and making jewelry again from her home. 

SARAH BRIGGS is now in a 3500 square foot office space with 30+ employees (and still growing)! The magic SARAH BRIGGS is creating is catching like wildfire and God is blessing everyone through it. There's a new woman emerging in fashion: she's real and may go from wiping diapers to picking up 2x4's at Home Depot. She catches yoga, kills it at work & needs her jewelry to keep up. We offer finer materials and wearable silhouettes with a LAID BACK LUXE vibe.

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